SNC-LAVALIN designated to manage and operate the Dijon-Bourgogne Airport

The Syndicat Mixte for Dijon-Longvic airport has designated SNC-Lavalin as the selected bidder of a 12-year contract for managing and operating the Dijon Bourgogne airport.

The Dijon Bourgogne airport represents essential equipment empowering Dijon and Burgundy’s economic development and attractiveness worldwide. It is a natural means ensuring air service to the climates of Burgundy's vineyards - registered since July 2015 on UNESCO's world heritage list - and will empower the International City of Gastronomy's global influence when it launches in 2018. Thus, the airport already welcomes a promising traffic of private, business and leisure flights as well as medical flights and organ transportation.

SNC-Lavalin has been operating Dijon's airport since September 1st, 2014, as part of an 18-month transition contract, all the while enabling the Syndicat Mixte to maintain airport public service and consider future conditions in terms of management and airport operations. During this period, SNC-Lavalin was able to rapidly set up an operational and qualified team to meet the needs of the airport's different clients, all the while considering flexibility and quality of service.

For this new contract, SNC-Lavalin will strengthen the operational team in order to meet the needs of on site operations and business development. Ten employees will soon be greeting the platform’s users and enhancing the equipment.


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